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This chapter is so much pain xD It ended up longer than I thought so I split in part a and b. I'll put b up soon *or at least TRY to put it up* Damn this whole Hey! say! has made this fic a mess :'D


JE Questions

I got this from a friend :P

Feel free to fill in = do it...NOW! (and show me the answers!)

JE survey 

1. Which J.E. boy would you eat?
Eat? I couldn’t eat even one of them xD too cute to be eaten...*Whipped cream or chocolate sauce?*

2. If you can turn back the hands of time, who would you stop from joining JE?
Hard one..I don’t know, maybe someone who doesn’t want to be there. If I could think of one... *thinks hard*

3. What happened to you that is NEWS' fault today?
I started liking shounen club and got addicted to it. And Yamapi addicted... And  I started liking moles *I blame Notti*

4. You're alone in a dark alley. Someone crept up to you, brandishing a cucumber that he thought was a knife. He wants that bag of tomatoes you just bought in the supermart. You realise he is a JE boy, he is...
Massu :D Food=Massu. I <3 that guy

5. You sprained your ankle wearing that hot pair of heels you just bought. A JE boy rushes over. Who is he and what did he do?
Shoon, he seems so polite that he could do that. He would be a gentleman and ask me if I was ok and help me to get home/hospital xD depends on how hurt I am. *daydreams*

6. You are Harry Potter and are valiantly resisting Voldemort's effort to retrieve your blood for his revival. However, he gets hold of a J.E. boy and threatens to kill him. Which JE boy will you bleed for?
Any one. Seriously!

7. You are a JE boy. You love your ghei stage outfits. In fact, you make them yourselves, adding even more ruffles, lace, sequins and fur. Who are you?
Yabu :D He knows how to sow...Or Koki! He knows too. But adding more frillys...That’s too scary to even think of! Who the hell would do that...  Is anyone of them colorblind? o.O

8. You are stranded and alone. In fact, you are LOST on this island. Suddenly, a JE boy comes up to you and started to sing this, while doing the conga, "I like to move it, move it. You like to move it, move it. We like to, MOVE IT!!!" You think, 'nifty dancesteps' and started to dance along. Who is he?
Hikaru,Taisuke or Kusano xD –genki power!-   

9.You live with this JE boy, and he has this most annoying habit that despite his hotness, drives you all crazy and makes you want to ditch him and move out. Who is he and what is that habit?
I would be the one with the annoying habit, not the JE guy :'D

10. From all the JE boys pick one you would marry and write why.

Taiyo. He’s nice, he’s myserious, smart and good looking. Need to tell anymore reasons? :D (And as his wife, I could forcefeed him xDDD no more Mr Skinny, bring in the bodybuilding ;D) *of to laa-laa land*


Hah, I'm on a roll ;D




FINALLY! I've been dying while trying to get this computer work...It seems it had some problems with firewalls and stuff so now there shouldn't be any problems with my LJ and blog :D
and yes: Now I'm going to write more often! It's summer vacation now and I'm lovin' it!
I got my latest grades:
Finnish: 8
Math:4....-______- *I have to retake when school starts. But it's ok! I'm going to get a new maths teacher. xD *dances around*
Oh, and has anyone seen the finnish/chinese movie Jade warror? o.O I just saw it yesterday and I <3 it. SOOO PRETTYYYYY! Ok, a little bit confusing but a very sad lovestory. One should read Kalevala before seeing the movie xD I also watched another movie yesterday. Spin kick. It's a Korean Taekwondo centered movie. It was great too! In case you havn't seen any of these go to : http://www.crunchyroll.com/
It's a great site, a lot of doramas and movies and best of all: subbed! Yes! *that site's my savior!*
I strongly recommend it.
Oh and I got a summerjob. A crappy one but well, it's a job :D hard to get anything unless you're 18 and well, I'm not so bye bye to 99,9% of all the jobs. I got a job as a paintgirl at a constructionsite. I'm going to paint boards the entire summer -_____- oh joy. But I get 1000 € for 1 month so about 1300 $. If that doesn't clear that for you then 137000 Yen :D or 1404000 won xDDDD Ok, I'll stop now...


Yes, I have a colg..again. xD But that's a part of spring. One cold for each season. I missed my belt test too because of this but it's ok. It would have been a total chaos anyway! One of my trainers called me about the times changing AGAIN, since only 1 person apart from me that is was going to participate :D
I watched Byakkotai btw yesterday. *something positive about beeing sick is that you don't have to "do" anything* I cried for 1½ hours. Yes, I know, I AM too emotional. I was ready to cry even before all the boys went to war but when they went, the crying just started and didn't end before the show did...
Have you guys seen Arashi's newest PV??? We can make it??? YOU HAVE TO SEE IT! For once a NORMAL Arashi pv! It made me so happy ^^ the song rocks, the clothes are hot and the video is good. (+ the guys look insanely hot ;D) same goes for Tegomassu's kiss~kaerimichi no lovesong~ just wonderful. Though one spot made me jump up xD There's a scene where you can see 2 people holding hands and I swear to God I thought it was Tegoshi holding Massus hand!!!! I seriously thought so before I watched it again and realised it wasn't so...My dreams were crushed in an instant.
I also rewatched the KAT-TUN's Real face consert. I like it :P And for ONCE I liked Jin's solo!
Sorry all Jin lovers but  I've never exactly liked him. Okay, when he was still Bakanishi and all lovely like that, yes then I liked him. But now...he's just trying to be overly sexy at it makes him brainless in my eyes -_- But anyway, I liked his Pinky solo! awesome ^^
Well, I'm off again to have some rest...We're having special program in school tomorrow, due to the fact that we're free from school the day after tomorrow :P We had to form teams with 10-12 people and then we have to walk around trying to win a contest. The theme is culture... -_- *oh joy*

Finnish music

Finnish music sucks. Or that's what I think in general. I've never been a huge fan of it anyway. It's either tango, "humpa" (music that old people listen too and so on) or heavy metal. That, I don't like. But then yesterday I started to think more about it and I realised I love Finnish music! At least some songs. I have a lot of memories with many songs and I just..ahh :D
I downloaded tons of music from various different artists. It felt so weird since I don't listen to the radio or things like that so now I'm used to only Japanese music.
All the artists and everything...I had totally forgot about them. Finland and your music: I'm sorry.
For example The Rasmus, HIM, Sonata Arctica, Lordi, Nightwish and so on = Huge stars all around the world. I've never especially liked any of them but they all have their good songs.
Then again there are stars that are only known in Finland or mostly here and songs too.
Like for example: Mombasa. A song every finn has heard. That's one of the prettiest finnish songs ever!
Here are some examples on nice finnish songs I've totally forgot (or ignored):
Anssi Kela - puistossa
Ari koivunen - on the top of the world (he won idols a couple of weeks ago)
Suurlähettiläät - Kuka pysättäisi kellot
Pikku G - Romeo ja Julia *such a sad song!*
Kirka - all his songs. RIP man :'( *ok, he's not THAT good but oh so many memories to songs like daa-da daa-da and all the other songs)
PMMP - Rusketuraidat *summer crazynes*
Killer - Watching waiting
Nightwish - Walking in the air
Sonata Arctica - Talullah
The Rasmus - f-f-f-falling xD
Many more but now I'm too tired for trying to remember the names and artists. I should be studying now. 3 "small" tests tomorrow: Physics, maths and Finnish. I SHOULD study but I'm going to write on chapter 7 instead :P at least for a while.

Oh btw, I made it through the training today so I'm going for my belt test next week! Training was hell... From 10 a.m to 3 p.m... *exhausted* I've never been so tired in my entire life! But oh well, It's my fault for choosing a sport like that.


I rewrote the entire chapter. And maybe that's good since this version I like a lot more then the original one xD Hope you liked it!