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A-chan *papipupepon~*
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Well, hello there ^^
My name is A-chan and I'm 18 years old. I live in Porvoo (a small city in Finland) *-> hence the bad english that I apologize for in advance* -and...well...what else is there to say? I'm not studying (or anything remotely close to that) at the moment. I'm taking some time off so that I can make some money and think about what to do with my sad little life.

When I'm really into something I tend to get a tad excited *you have been warned* This goes for anything (music, bands, movies, art...you name it!) so don't freak out.
People tend to find me a bit weird BUT if you get to know me better, you'll notice that so are you :D

btw: My writing depends a lot on my mood (why hello there my manic depressive tendencies :D)

The color PINK
Using the smileys "XD",":D" and ">D" in the middle of her sentences
Korean music in general (even trot ;D)
the 80's
Asian dramas and movies ♥
. . . aaaaannnnddd . . .
...hot guys... *hides behind her hair*

People who can't write n0rMalLy (<- Macros are not included here xD)
People who don't understand sarcasm (it's my second languge)
People who can't accept the fact that we all have different opinnions
The JE pairing AKAME *blärgh*
When people rant onandonandonadnonandonandon about stuff that I'm simply not interested in (=heavy metal, Akanishi Jin and so on)
...even bigger horses

Feel free to friend me (no need to ask my permission first)if you still find me likeable :D If you still feel like talking to me after reading this -> Wanna marry me?